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All students (Year K – Year 6) are expected to wear the school uniform. Our uniform consists of a reversible black/faction coloured hat, green T shirt, green jacket and black bottoms – shorts, skirts and tracksuits. Hats must be worn as our no hat no play policy operates all year. Runners, sandals or other covered, low heeled shoes are required to be worn at all times.

We will be changing the ordering platform to a fully online uniform shop service.
We will no longer be opening a uniform shop on school premises due to the school’s needs.

Please be advised the last day Eclipse Universal shall be operating a uniform shop from the school premises is the 11th of December 2023.

School uniforms can be purchased via the specially designated East Hamilton Hill Primary School uniform online webstore.
All school uniforms are available to be ordered online and all uniforms are available to be purchased every day 24/7 on all devices.

  • Online orders will be delivered in bulk to the school every Friday starting Term 1, 2024, we will contact you when your order is onboard for delivery and when your order has been delivered to the school and is available for collection.
  • Online orders must be sent prior to 11am Thursday to ensure your order is delivered with the weekly batch. Delivery to the school reception is completely free and at no cost to the parents.
  • Alongside bulk delivery, like our current online ordering model, online orders can also be delivered to residential/business addresses for a nominal fee.
  • We have a sizing guide on our online ordering web store page, but we will also leave a sizing kit at the school for parents, carers and for the school to view.
  • All parents wishing to order uniform after the 11th of December 2023 or during school holidays should order their uniform online however orders will not be attended to until the 10th of January 2024.

See our step-by-step guide ordering process.

More details can be found on the letter from Eclipse explaining the change to online ordering.

Online Ordering:


Search: East Hamilton Hill
Code: EHPS0016


Washing Instructions for Uniforms

  • Machine wash,
  • Warm water,
  • Cold water,
  • Not recommended tumble dry,
  • Wash inside out, and
  • Iron inside out.

If your child’s/children’s shirt has stains it is is recommended to apply a de-greaser (dish washing detergent) to the stain.


Uniform Information

Our shirts are a Cotton Back Polo and the composition is 65% cotton and 25% polyester.

  • Cotton back fabric comes with a polyester fabric placed on the front of the shirt and a cotton backing connected to the back of the polyester.
  • This means that polyester will be the main area affected by wear and tear as it’s on the outside.