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The school continues to deliver those programs that have accelerated the learning of our students in recent years. These include: Let’s Decode, Spelling Mastery, Sound Waves and CARS and STARS. We continue to make minor changes to the implementation of these programs based on classroom structures and the needs of our students.  In 2018 we introduced Talk for Writing, a whole school writing program, and Springboard Comprehension in the middle and upper primary years.

Our focus on delivering quality programs from K – 2 has resulted in strong stable cohorts exiting Year Two, thus highlighting the effectiveness of these programs and the current structures we have in place.


We have successfully implemented a Mathematics Program called ‘Stepping Stones’ over the last six years. We also deliver a Mental Mathematics program through the middle and upper years which also has been very successful. A review of Stepping Stones was conducted at the end of 2014 highlighting the effectiveness of this program and the need to continue it across the school.


Kaya wer Wandjoo
2020, Ngalak kaadadjiny Noongar ngalang-ngat kaadadjiny-miya-ngat.
Bandang ngalang koolangka djoorap Noongar kaadadjiny.

Hello and Welcome
2020 We are learning Noongar at our place of learning. (school)
All our children are happy learning Noongar.


East Hamilton Hill has had music as a specialist area for many years. We are very proud of our Music Program where students are provided with the opportunity to learn to play an Indonesian bamboo instrument called an angklung as well as the ukulele. This program was initiated by our Music Specialist, Mrs Jo Cookson and now Mr Mitchell Shaw is our Music Teacher.  In Term 4 we have a special musical presentation where we had individual students, a band and the school choir performing.  Music is also provided through The School of Instrumental Music where students have the opportunity to play the flute.

Physical Education and Health

Our Physical Education Program offers opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and we have continued to implement morning fitness. Our Health Program is delivered by a specialist teacher across all years.

Science and Design Technologies

In 2019 we appointed a specialist teacher to deliver a Science and Design Technologies program where the focus was on improving the knowledge and skills of students in these learning areas.  A purpose built Science Room has been utilised for these lessons and culminated in a highly successful Science Fair.

Values Program

The school community works towards achieving excellence in the Values students’ exhibit on a daily basis. Children, staff and parents are recognised at each assembly, with certificates for demonstrating “exemplary acts of our current virtue”.  This is presented by TOD (Treat Others Decently), a bear who assists the school in promoting each of the virtues.  TOD’s appearance has become a real highlight of our assemblies.