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Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Our School


“My granddaughters, Year 2 and Year 1 are at your lovely school. So, I was present there on Friday for the Year 1 Assembly.  On your encouragement we came to look at the portrait of Anh Do in reception.  We were ‘blown way’ with the portrait and would like to congratulate your Year 6 students for the result.  It is outstanding and I’m sure Anh will be ‘blown away’ to. 

 Just another positive outcome of the environment you all are providing for our little people.  Keep up the good work.”


“As a mum of a child a chronic health condition, I was understandably nervous about what the transition into school would be like. But from day one, Anne and all our teachers have been so incredibly supportive, listening to our concerns and working with us to find solutions to challenges as they arise. When I drop my son off, I know he’s with people who truly care about him and when i pick him up he’s always excited to tell me that he wants to be an artist, an astronaut, a vet or whatever job relates to something that he learned that day. It’s wonderful watching his confidence grow as he makes new friends.”


“My daughter used to cry in the morning and not want to go to school, but since enrolling at East Hamilton Hill she’s so much happier, and I’m happier too. We feel like we can just be ourselves and not have to join a “club” to fit in. Everyone is so friendly, it’s like we’ve always been here.”


“I have been a parent of East Hamilton Hill Primary School for 6 Years.  Moving from one side of Perth to another was extremely stressful, but this was one transition that was made seamless and easy.  After visiting 3 schools in the area, my choice was made by the time taken to show me around, the wonderful literacy programs and friendly community.

I have 2 girls in years 3 and 5, whom are extremely happy and content with their class, friends and teachers, one of which has a hearing loss, but her support and encouragement from the teaching staff only aids her to keep improving, nothing is too much trouble for these wonderful teachers.

 Since arriving I have felt very comfortable and relaxed in this beautiful school, hence this is the reason I joined the P&C and went on to become President for the last 2 years, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, we are a pro-active P&C who strive to make extended opportunities for our students.  I have no hesitation in recommending East Hamilton Hill Primary School to any parent or carer considering enrolling their child here.”


“My children have attended East Hamilton Hill primary school for the past 8 years. In that time I have had the pleasure of watching it grow and transform into the great school that is is today. The introduction of educational programs such as stepping stones maths and talk for writing, put together with the continued PD learning and commitment of our teachers has resulted in achieving excellent academic growth. To compliment this it also has a real sense of community, similar to that of a small country town. This is present in areas of the school from teachers and the leadership group to parents guided by the strong P&C and board working together to achieve a happy learning environment for our children, to not only become excellent students but also great people.”